The prime mover
of bio-based

Food Value Chain

Expanding food value chain through the application of bio-technology, modern, spacious and efficient in commercial agriculture.

Sustainable Green Life

Introducing bio-based product as well as preserving and conserving towards green environment.

Laboratory Analysis

Provide laboratory analysis, research & development, training & courses and consultancy services.

Organic Food Valley

Integrated Biotech-Driven agro food production hub and Bio-Tourism destination within Southeast Asia.


Safe and Eco-green Products

Effective microbe, biodegradable, bio-compostable products and bio-polymer products that are free from chemicals.


Scientific Approaches

Specialise in environmental initiatives, halal-related industries and many other fields.


Need help for bio-based application in Southern Region?


We are the lead development company for it’s subsidiaries for bio-based industry in Southern Region since 2007, under the purview of Johor Biotechnology & Biodiversity Corporation (J-Biotech).

To maximise the potential of Johor’s bioeconomy sector, we have established several subsidiaries targeted at bolstering investments in specific areas.

Our key function are to develop and coordinate investment activities, and commercialization of bioeconomics. We also develop and provide group corporate services, and implementing the group’s branding, promotion and communication activities.

our subsidiaries

Bolstering investments in specific areas.

Complement the Johor State effort to intensify the food value chain through extensive and effective application of modern bio-based technology in commercial farming focusing on Bio-Security and Bio-Safety eco-conservation and agro-tourism.

Bio Desaru Sdn. Bhd.

The Organic Food Valley


Provides experts ranging from Analytical to Life Sciences to meet market demand. Particularly, we specialise in environmental initiatives, halal-related industries and other related fields. As a trusted laboratory expert, we are accredited lab of ISO 17025:2017 under SAMM and DSM.

Johor Toyyiban Laboratories Sdn. Bhd.

The Trusted Experts


Perform extensive research as we work towards transforming the advantage of biotechnology and the diversified state’s resources into a range of products and services that benefit businesses, community and environment.

J-Biotech Sdn. Bhd.

Microbe and Bio-Based


Apart from educating the public to adopt a green lifestyle, J-Bio Ecogreen also advocates an environmentally friendly policy by saving the earth from on-going destructions through the use of biodegradable, bio-compostable products and bio-polymer products that are free from chemicals.

J-Bio Ecogreen Sdn. Bhd.

Safe and Eco-friendly


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