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Bio Desaru Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated to primarily undertake the development of The Organic Food Valley at Bio Desaru. Our vision is to be the main Integrated Biotech-Driven Agro Food Production Hub and Bio-Tourism destination within Southeast Asia.

Bio Desaru is armed with the mission to complement the Johor State effort to intensify the food value chain through extensive and effective application of modern bio-based technology in commercial farming focusing on Bio-Security and Bio-Safety eco-conservation and agro-tourism.

Since its inception in 2008, Bio Desaru has brought forward holistic solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural industry through various development projects including the development of marine farms, industrial-scale bio-aquaculture, mass production of dairy products and cheese manufacturing industry, integrated and diversified livestock farming, bio-agricultural cultivation and production of various types of crops And promoting the development of bio-tourism activities.

Bio Desaru is designated as a centre of excellence with a comprehensive Biosecurity system as outlined in the Bio Desaru Bio-Security Handbook which include:

  • The Bio-Security Check Points at strategic locations throughout the region;
  • A Buffer Zone of a minimum of 10 metres from farm border;
  • The Quarantine Zone to retain new seeds and species without Quarantine Certificates;
  • A Farm Audit Team comprising representatives from related government departments and farm operators; and
  • Access to the Bio-Security Services for farm operators and professionals.

Bio Desaru enjoys good connectivity and access to the national and international network of marketing transportation and leisure activities which is Senai-Desaru Expressway (SDE), Port of Tanjung Pelepas & Pasir Gudang, Ferry Services and Senai International Airport.

The initiatives at Bio Desaru were well-received, where we have received an applaudable amount of investment into our projects amounting to RM1.87 billion. Among which,

  • RM0.32 billion was invested into Bio-Agriculture Project;
  • RM1.17 billion into Bio-Aquaculture Project;
  • RM0.37 billion into Bio-Livestock Project; and
  • RM0.01 billion into Bio-Tourism Project.