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J-Bio Ecogreen Sdn Bhd, is also an advocator of safe and eco-environment products. Established in August 2012 under J-Biotech umbrella of companies, J-Bio Ecogreen markets quality products, builds award-winning brands and is committed to enthusing customers everywhere.

Apart from educating the public to adopt a green lifestyle, J-Bio Ecogreen also advocates an environmentally friendly policy by saving the earth from on-going destructions through the use of biodegradable, bio-compostable products and bio-polymer products that are free from chemicals.

J-Bio Ecogreen has a vision to protect and conserve Mother Nature through innovative and high-quality bio-based products and services.

We are driven by the mission to:

  • To provide bio-based products and services to our local & international customers
  • To actively lead efforts to preserve & conserve the environment for all
  • To create value to our clients by delivering innovative, tailored bio-based products and information more efficiently and effectively with the best people, systems and processes

J-Bio Ecogreen works in tandem with the state’s initiative to reduce dependency on conventional polystyrene and plastics.

One step at a time, we work towards empowering green awareness by actively promoting and selling bio-based products.

Oxy-biodegradable products – a breakthrough enhancement in the products giving its capability to be broken down into smaller fragments after use. Upon sufficient exposure to sunlight and oxygen, our oxy-biodegradable products undergo degradation process with the aid of micro organisms, allowing the products to be fully degraded within 6-24 months. It is safe for food, the environment and your health! 

Made from plant cellulose or starch, taken either from cassava, corn or tapioca, J-Bio Ecogreen produces biocompostable products made of natural material which can be composted and turned back into biomass, carbon dioxide, inorganic compound & water within less than 6 months. This will fertilise back a new generation of plants that can be made into a new product.

Propagating towards a growing level of environmental awareness, J-Bio Ecogreen’s bioplastics boast of its superior characteristics to reduce carbon footprint, save energy during production and remain equally strong as the traditional plastics for practical use. On top of that, our bioplastics are made from materials that contain fragrant lemon grass extract and naturally deters pests such as ants, cockroaches, rats and flies. All of which are available online at affordable prices for the consumers.